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What is Courting? To court someone comes from the word courtship. It describes the period of time before two people enter a relationship. The word courtship can mean many things to different cultures, with some describing it as an inherently religious practice. But, courtship wasn't born out of any religious scripture.

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Courting is defined by Merriam-Webster 's dictionary to mean "seeking the affections of [someone]- especially: seeking to win a pledge of marriage from." One might envision a man wooing his lady companion with roses and chocolates and eventually getting down on bended knee asking for her hand in marriage.

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Courting definition, the act or process of trying to win the favor or attention of a person or group:He seems to understand the importance of social issues.

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Courting is the experience of developing a deep relationship with someone, with a view to seeing if marriage is right for the couple, without the complexity.

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1 to act so as to make (something) more likely you're courting disaster if you keep playing with matches Synonyms for courting asking (for), flirting (with), inviting, wooing Phrases Synonymous with courting 2 to go on dates that may eventually lead to marriage they courted for a year before getting married Synonyms for courting dating courting

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a man's courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman (usually with the hope of marriage)

1 a : to seek to gain or achieve court power b (1) : allure, tempt mountain streams courting the fishermen (2) : to act so as to invite or provoke courts disaster 2 a : to seek the affections of especially : to seek to win a pledge of marriage from b of an animal : to perform actions in order to attract for mating a male bird courting a female

The definition of courting is the process of trying to attract and woo a romantic partner to create a long-term relationship or to marry the partner.

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Courting is defined by Merriam-Webster's dictionary to mean "seeking the affections of [someone]- especially: seeking to win a pledge of marriage from." One might envision a man wooing his lady companion with roses and chocolates and eventually getting down on bended knee asking for her hand in marriage.

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Get the Courting mug. court 1. The act of dating a person with the intent to marry. 2. A game where a black robe and some people in suits and ties dance around and pretend to establish justice on behalf of a terrorized victim of society. 1. I courted her for a while but realized that she wasn't The One. 2.

seeking or cultivating the love or affection of another person or of each other:Covered bridges were known as "kissing bridges," as courting couples were prone to stop and steal a kiss while hidden from view inside. (of animals) attempting to attract a mate:Courting petrels make a henlike clucking and thrust their heads back as far as they can.

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to have a romantic relationship with someone that you hope to marry: They courted for two years before.

A courtship is a period in a romantic couple's relationship when they are dating. Most partners go through a courtship before deciding to get married.