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Unfortunately, eharmony isn't as strong as some explicitly gay dating sites or inclusive apps when it comes to representing queer and nonbinary.

EHarmony's founder, Neil Clark Warren, based the service on his experience as a couples' psychologist in Pasadena and the site gained a reputation as Christian-oriented and anti-gay, since most.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)-eHarmony, the company that built much of its early success by advertising in Christian media, has launched a parallel matchmaking website for homosexuals, billing it as service that helps foster "serious relationships for the gay and lesbian community.". The website went live in recent days.

Gay men are more successful in online dating. A recent Pew study found that 28% of gay respondents had met their current partner online, compared to 11% of straight respondents. A recent survey found that the three best cities for gay dating were: Brighton, Edinburgh and Liverpool. What makes eharmony a unique experience as gay dating site


The 78-year-old conservative Christian cofounder of the dating site eHarmony says same-sex marriage damaged his company, and allowing gay.

51%. 49%. 10 Million. View Profiles FREE. Currently, eharmony provides a reputable matchmaking service for a gay man seeking another gay man, or a lesbian woman seeking another lesbian woman. LGBTQ+ singles will get the same level of service as a person looking to become part of a heterosexual couple.


Once viewed as unwelcoming to the LGBTQ community, popular online matchmaker eHarmony has gone through a queer-friendly rebranding of late.

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We saw a lesbian ad in 2020, and here is a gay one,

to (also) offer matchmaking between same-sex couples in 2008, eHarmony stepped up.


In 2005, the company was sued for discrimination of same-sex couples. To settle a lawsuit, eHarmony in 2009 launched Compatible Partners, a site.

A Pennsylvania representative attended the same-sex wedding of his son three days after voting against legislation to protect the recognition of same-sex marriages.

Gay people can now have awkward blind dates, too. After facing criticism for limiting its dating services to heterosexuals, is finally.

While gay people face special issues in society that can affect their relationships, so do blacks, Jews, Asians, Muslims, and people in wheelchairs. But eHarmony doesn't automatically discriminate against those groups. Dr. Warren just doesn't *want* to include gays and lesbians at eHarmony. The site spends millions of dollars on its ad.

Our diverse platform also supports dating for lesbians. eharmony does the searching for you and.

GOP lawmaker attended gay son’s wedding 3 days after voting against same-sex marriage – A Republican lawmaker attended his gay son’s wedding just three days after joining the majority of his GOP colleagues in.

Eharmony (styled eHarmony) is an online dating website launched in 2000.

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"eHarmony Settles Gay Discrimination Suit". CBS News.

eHarmony's benefits package for 2021 offers coverage for gender-affirming surgery, as well as equal parental leave, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, and including adoptive.

The dating site eHarmony is now opening a separate but equal site for gays. The Pasadena-based dating website, heavily promoted by Christian evangelical leaders when it was founded, has agreed in.

1. Use the power of compatibility to meet people. The first stop on our gay dating site eharmony is always the same place, our Compatibility Quiz. This quiz explores various aspects of your life and personality that affect your dating efforts. Once you're done, we generate your Personality Profile, which is packed with tons of interesting.

Online dating service eHarmony has agreed to create a new Web site – 'Compatible Partners' – for gays and lesbians, the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General announced.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–eHarmony, the company that built much of its early success by advertising in Christian media, has launched a parallel matchmaking.