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What do you think am I thinking right now? What do you think is the worst way to die? What makes you cry? How many walkers have you killed? How many people? Why? When it comes to toilet paper, do you set the flap over or under? What three things you would never spend your money on? If animals could talk, which do you think would be the rudest?

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It can be hard to think of funny questions to ask a guy.But never fear! Whether you are a humorous or serious person, this list of funny questions to ask a guy will have you both laughing in no time. It's worth noting that our questions fall under the category of serious humor.This means that while the questions themselves aren't technically funny, the answers (and discussion of the.

Buying a new car is an important decision that can impact the next several years of your life. Be sure to ask these 10 questions to make the right choice.

I Love the Outdoors, but My Husband’s a Screen Guy – I love nature and sports and my husband is, how do I say it, more of a screen guy. He likes watching and re-watching shows.

If you're in the market for a used truck, learn the 10 questions you should ask the seller before handing over your cash and driving the truck home.

A great question to as a guy. Why? Because as a guy I can tell you we do some incredibly dumb and unusual things in the name of a good time.

My palms are sweating. Do you do that to all girls?) you'll break the ice and make him laugh. That's a fantastic first impression guaranteed to get you another date. Funny Questions to Ask a Guy Now I want to break down the funny questions to ask a guy into three categories, each with its own purpose.

What was the funniest way that you have been injured? · If your life was a movie, what songs would be on the soundtrack? · What scene from a TV show will you.


100+ Funny Questions to Ask Your Crush · What is something that everyone looks stupid doing? · What's the craziest thing you've ever done? · If you.

What was the most unusual but funny experience you had? 35. What is the weirdest habit from your childhood? 36. What was the worst slip of the tongue you have experienced? 37. Do you have any funny nicknames? 38. What is the funniest experience of your life? 39. Do you believe in magic? 40. What is the worst pickup line someone ever said to you?

Below you'll find 21 funny questions to ask a guy so you can get to know him better and both have a good laugh together! What was something you believed as a kid for way too long? Plan your dream birthday. Where are we going, what kind of cake are we eating, and what present am I getting you? What's one thing you wish we knew five years ago?

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10 Funny Questions to Ask a Guy · 1: What moment sticks out for you as your most embarrassing experience ever? · 2: What is your quirky pet peeve? · 3: Are you of.

"Have you ever gone out without deodorant then only remembered when you smelled something funny?" 33. "Have you ever tripped over your own shoelaces?" 34. "Have you ever walked into the wrong bathroom at the mall?" 35. "Have you ever walked in on someone else while they were naked?" 36.

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Funny Questions to Ask.

1. What are the crazy adventures you want to try in your life? 2. What is your favorite smell? 3. What is the best Wi-.

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Funny Questions to Ask a Guy You Like · What's a totally terrible movie that you absolutely love? · What's the weirdest app you have on your phone? · What's the.

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So, to that end, we've come up with some random lines to tickle his funny bone. 1. Are hamburgers sandwiches? Where do you stand on this hot culinary debate? 2. Kiss, Marry, Kill Muppets edition: Miss Piggy, Janice, Mama Fiama? 3. How long would you last in the Hunger Games? 4. What warning label does God have on your file? 5.

Here are the 11 best fun questions to ask a guy: 1. Where are some unusual places you've been to? Tap into his flair for adventure with this question, and you just might find yourself going on one together soon. 2. What's something you really resent paying for? Buyer's remorse is a common thing for just about everyone. 3.

It was a simple question followed a few years later by a second question. I mean how can you say no to the love of your life?

The best questions to ask your crush ignite fun, meaningful conversations that reveal a glimpse into who they truly are. Coming up with attention-grabbing questions that will keep your crush intrigued.